Instructions for E-presenters

This page contains tips and instructions for preparing for e-presentations during the WC11 Virtual Congress, as well as information and guidelines for the session chairs.

Last edited: 14 June 2021

Instructions for presenters

This page contains tips and instructions for preparing for e-presentations during the WC11 Virtual Congress, as well as information and guidelines.

Session format

Unless agreed otherwise sessions will consist of a certain number of pre-recorded presentations (max. 15 or 30 minutes, no questions). The session has a maximum of 90 minutes. The pre-recorded presentations will be shown first. Every session will end with a 30 minute live Q&A with all presenters.

15 or 30-minute presentations, excluding discussion

Slide presentations should be in widescreen (16:9) presentation format and will either be 15 or 30 minutes. For your benefit, WC11 has created a PowerPoint Template, which is already in widescreen format, for use by presenters. When using this template, each new slide will be in a predetermined format/style that maximizes readability and usefulness during presentations.

Tips for effective slide presentations

Communicate ideas, not details

If someone wants details, let them ask during the discussion period.


Put the minimum amount of information on the slide to communicate the idea you want. Ask yourself, “What can be left out?”. Also note that due to the platform, slides will be compressed in size. Use big enough text to make your text as clear as possible.

Graphs > Tables

Graphs communicate ideas more quickly than tables. Photographs also may be effective, but avoid pictures of animals. If you must use a table, include only the pertinent details—not the full table as would be published in an article.

Presentation Recording and Upload Instructions

Scientific Session presenters are responsible for recording their presentations for the WC11 Virtual Congress within the WC11 Virtual Event Platform. Your presentation recording should be no longer than 15 (or 30) minutes, according to the time allocated to you by your session chair.

Instructions to make your pre-recording

1. The WC11 Virtual Event Platform will send you an email with a link to your speaker dashboard. The sender of the email will be Please check your SPAM filter in case you did not receive the email after 25 June 2021 or whitelist the email address upfront.

2. The links will be sent between 16 and 25 June 2021.

3. Sign in or create an account using the same email address as you have been invited with.

4. After clicking this button, you will see the below sign message.

Use ‘continue with email’ to proceed. Log in with email and password. If you log in for the first time, create a password. Afterwards you will enter your personal dashboard.

5. You have now entered your personal dashboard. Complete your account by clicking ‘VIEW MY ACCOUNT’ and add a picture, job title, biography, company name, country of residence, and any contact information you would like to share.

You do not have to save your data. It will be automatically saved. For returning back to the dashboard click the menu button in the top left corner and click on the Eureka logo. 

6. The sessions in which you are speaking will appear when clicking on the logo of WC11 (see picture below).

moderate WC11 picture

Please click on the specific session to enter the presenter's dashboard if you would like to record the presentation.


After entering the presenters' dashboard, you have a few steps to take:

  • In the left below corner click on the button 'Pre-Record'. In this view, you can pre-record your presentation. You cannot hear or be heard by others. Note that pre-recording is only available when the WC11 Virtual Event Platform is not open yet (the WC11 Virtual Event Platform will open on 10 August 2021).
  • To start recording, set up your presentation by uploading slides as PDF, or use screen sharing with the button in the bottom-right corner. Pre-recording will record both your presentation and video.
  • Once you are ready to record, click 'RECORD' in the bottom-left corner (see picture below). A pop-up window will explain what will happen next. After reading it, click 'Start recording'.
  • A timer will then start counting down from 5, after which the recording starts. Do not start talking right after you start or stop pre-recording, but include a pause, to avoid that parts of the recording are cut off. During the recording, you can keep track of the time inside the red Recording tag on the bottom-left corner. You can end the recording at any time by clicking Stop recording. The recording will automatically stop after 60 minutes.

  • A ‘STOP RECORDING’ button will appear after hovering over the 'recording tag' button.

Your pre-recording has automatically been saved and added to your session. You can view your recording afterward.
If you are not satisfied and want to record another attempt, first click 'Delete this recording'. After confirming, the recording will be deleted and you can start over.

Please note: you cannot download your presentation. If you need internal approval for your presentation you have to show the video within the platform. The recording will automatically be available to the moderator in the Moderator Dashboard for review and playback during the session.


If you have any questions please contact the secretariat via email: