WC11 TV and Talkshow

WC11 Official Talk Show series

Live from the MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands

One of the advantages of going digital is that we now have the opportunity to program particular activities that are not common during ‘traditional’ scientific congresses. As a novel feature of the program, WC11 will organize 3 talk shows on multiple days. These talk shows will be hosted by Kirsten Paulus who is an experience Dutch TV moderator. We are looking forward to critical discussions on a range of selected topics which have been chosen for their relationship to the overarching WC11 themes and for their current relevance.

Do not miss these thought-provoking talk shows included for all attendees of the WC11 Virtual Congress!


Talkshow 1 will address the topic of the Presence and Future of the Next-Generation Risk Assessment Approach. It has been 8 years since the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetic ingredients has been applied. In addition, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has published a new evaluation and a 11th revision report. (https://ec.europa.eu/health/sites/default/files/scientific_committees/consumer_safety/docs/sccs_o_250.pdf).

When: 24 August 2021, 09.00 PM CEST.



  • Vera Rogiers (EU SCCS/VU Brussels)
  • Gavin Maxwell (Unilever)
  • Rusty Thomas (US EPA)
  • Troy Seidl (Humane Society International)


Talkshow 2 will discuss Human Diseases, Drug Development and will focus on Neurodegenerative Diseases. The context is that investigations into the understanding of complex neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer and Parkinson) still strongly rely on animal use. The same applies to the testing of candidate drugs to treat these diseases. Whole-animal studies are suggested to be needed to understand the complex biological processes, but do we really need animal testing?

When: 27 August 2021, 07.30 PM CEST.



  • Thomas Hartung (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Marcel Olde Rikkert (Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • Eugenia Jones or Wayne Poon (Fujifilm)
  • Sonja Beken (FAMHP Belgium)


Talkshow 3 will focus on New technologies and the Use of human-derived material. The background here is that many biomedical laboratories are developing their ‘own’ organ-on-a-chip system. There may be a need for separating the ‘good from the bad’, for standardization, and for thorough evaluation of the advantages and limitations of such approaches. Furthermore, such methods are based on human derived materials which have ethical implications.

When: 1 September 2021, 08.30 PM CEST.



  • Suzanne Fitzpatrick (US FDA)
  • Peter Loskill (Tuebingen University)
  • Adrian Roth (Roche)